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Now I’ve got that feeling once again. I can’t explain, you would not understand.

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I see stars?

I’ve never heard their music before sorry

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Marilyn Manson and 5sos

asked by Anonymous

Marilyn manson:

am I a fan?: yes

favorite song: dried up, tied and dead to the world

favorite album: antichrist superstar

favorite member: uh

seen live?: nope

unpopular opinion: none

band rate: 10/10 I think he’s rlly fucking cool


am I a fan?: yess

favorite song: the only reason

favorite album: they have one self titled album which I got yesterday so yeah

favorite member: calum

seen live?: no but I will in august!!!

unpopular opinion: I do think they are some form of rock music bc some people say they are pop but i just dont think so

band rate: 11/10 always (:

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